The precision and depth of Pilates combined with the expertise and medical knowledge of a Physiotherapist.

Pilates is a movement regime for the whole body, using specialized equipment to achieve whole body health through movement, and breath. Using the concepts of concentration, control, centering, precision, rhythm and breath, Pilates aims to strengthen the body, maximize physical adaptability and increase body awareness. Combining evidence informed physiotherapy assessment and treatment techniques, with the theory and exercises of the Pilates work, Clinical Pilates can offer a unique approach to injury and rehabilitation. Sessions are conducted one-on-one with a licensed Physiotherapist and offer clients an opportunity to rehabilitate injuries while gaining the specific benefits of the Pilates work. Clinical Pilates is appropriate for all ages and abilities.

Clinical Pilates offers a unique and individualized treatment option for exercise rehabilitation. This treatment is effective for improving strength, flexibility and for pain management. Commonly used for athletic injury, pre and post-natal women and general muscle and joint injury amongst others, this method of rehabilitation offers an exciting approach to whole body health.

We direct bill to extended health plans for this service.