Growing up Nathan played all sorts of sports: soccer, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, badminton, even some table tennis. In the midst of these endeavours he inevitably came across a few physiotherapists who helped him along the way getting back to the court/field/table. Later on, when pondering what to do with his life, these experiences loomed large; Nathan could now put his scientific inclinations to use helping people get back to doing the things they love: be it on a sports field or more generally in the field of life. He equally enjoys working with an athlete getting back to high performance competition as he does a grandmother wanting to hold her grandkids with less pain.

Nathan enjoys pondering big questions in physiotherapy and is happiest when he is learning new things. He often thinks about how we can leverage the research to help people achieve their goals. You will regularly see him talking with other physiotherapists about how to best treat different conditions or better build a relationship with a patient. A treatment session with Nathan will often consist of manual therapy, education around what is likely causing the issue, and the physiotherapist’s most powerful tool - exercise.

Nathan graduated from the University of British Columbia’s Master of Physical Therapy program, and is now involved in taking a Transitional Doctorate of Physical Therapy through Evidence in Motion - a research group out of the United States. He has worked in a few different clinics through the Lower Mainland and is excited to work with the Tall Tree team of forward-thinking physiotherapists. Nathan is also the Education Manager for the Physiotherapy Associated of British Columbia - helping coordinate education for physiotherapists across the province.

These days in his spare time Nathan enjoys making his dear wife go on slightly-longer-than-she’d-like hikes across Southwest BC, running in his hometown of Richmond (it’s nice and flat!) and competing in a board game with friends.

My first time there already made me feel much better. I had pain in my back and the physio (forgot his name -blonde, tall guy) was excellent. Very helpful.