Tall Tree's canopy of services meets the variety of needs of our surrounding Vancouver community.



This isn’t your average Physiotherapy clinic. Our Physiotherapists are leaders, educators, and innovators in the PT community, and you can expect the highest standard of care that Vancouver has to offer.

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Tall Tree Chiropractors integrate clinical expertise, patient preferences, and the best scientific evidence. They marshal all their expertise to relieve your pain and improve your function without surgery or pharmaceuticals. 

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Orthotics & Bracing

Our custom-made orthotics can make a significant difference to your foot and ankle by changing the way forces transmit through your foot. Our professional grade custom knee braces are ideal for ACL injuries and knee Osteoarthritis.




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The professionals at Tall Tree are just amazing. They are knowledgeable, caring, prompt and excellent communicators. Not only do they know what they are doing and have fabulous facilities to get the job done; they work hard at getting you healthy and out of there.
— Chuck G.
Great atmosphere and great therapists that will help you work through your troubles.
— Brian B.