Clinical excellence, caring, and fun—those 3 things pretty much sum us up.



Tall Tree Physiotherapy & Health Centre is an award winning clinic dedicated to moving you towards your health and rehab goals. Our expert team of clinicians are among the highest trained rehab professionals in BC and are on UBC’s Clinical Faculty for the UBC faculty of medicine and run a progressive continuing education program (AMP). We guarantee the most up to date evidence based care in the city.

Best clinic I’ve ever been to. Amazing physios, facility…
— Kyle F.

Our Mission

To enhance the health and lives of our patients by providing exceptional care. To spark positivity in our communities. To foster a team of exceptional and enthusiastic professionals. To have fun while we do it. To plant a million trees. 

Our Culture

  • Education

  • Excellence

  • Caring

  • Service

  • Everyone is family

  • Enthusiasm

  • Fun!


Our Vision

To be a family of professional colleagues who are endlessly enthusiastic, exceptionally knowledgable, and relentlessly caring about our patients and our work. To be smiling and laughing often. To be improving constantly. To be an inspiring example of better healthcare.

I’m an athlete and have been to a bunch of Physios and have to say that these guys are on the top of the game for sure.
— Alexis D.

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